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Unique Letters for all Occasions
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Unique Letters for all Occasions

Code: G-432

EAN: 9788172454326

Pages: 304

Size: 8.5" x 5.5"

Binding: Paperback

Weight: 380 grams

Author: Madan Sood

Price:   140.00



Reprint edition published in September 2018.


A letter, typed or handwritten on paper, remains the most popular means of communication for academic, cultural, technical, official, administrative and commercial purposes inspite of the invention and advance of telecommunications like telephone, fax, telegraph and even videophone.


The reason is not far to find, for it is rightly said that the style is the man and in the language used by us, we reveal our motives, inclinations, intentions and the degree of emotions we intend to convey. A laconic, clipped telegram has no feeling, as it only conveys facts and figures. Almost 80 per cent of the world's mail today is in English and it is vital for existence and success to master the art of letter writing.


This book encompasses a wide range of letters such as informal Letters, Formal Letters, Letters to the Editor and Letters and is meant to cater to the needs of ICSE, CBSE students, school and college students and those aspiring to compete for competitive examinations.

Success of any modem business, to a large extent, depends on correctly and beautifully drafted letters, as they are the little ambassadors that traverse every nook and corner of the present day commercial world and constitute the biggest source liaison that is a necessary concomitant for procuring business.

Hence, those who want to develop an impeccable skill of writing business letters, can also derive maximum benefit from this book.