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Techniques of End Game in Chess
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Techniques of End Game in Chess

Code: G-104

EAN: 9788172451035

Pages: 216

Size: 8.5" x 5.5"

Binding: Paperback

Weight: 260 grams

Author: B.K. Chaturvedi

Price:   95.00


   Reprint edition published in January 2019.  


The present work is the third book in the series of on this royal game. Despite being the important link series each of these books is complete in itself. That is why a few chapters on the basics and the laws have deliberately repeated. The idea is not to deprive the reader of only one book of the niceties of the whole game. The whole intention is to make these books useful for all categories of the chess-lovers: those, who are initiated and those who are not shall also find these books suiting to their requirements.


Like the human body cannot be compart-mentalised for treatment because it contains just one life and not the series of the bits of life to constitute one whole life, so is true with this most brainy game: Chess! When one goes to play one doesn't play only in stages. But as they have segregated the human organs for the convenience of study, likewise these books have been devised for the sake of their comprehension by their discerning readers.


Furthermore, like the eyes are believed to be the most expressive organs of the human body, so is this last phase of the chess play, known as the end-game. It is in here that the dazzling display of one's mastery over the moves and positions manifests in its best form; it is that link of the whole that decides the entire fate of the whole. Since this stage is akin to last ditch battle, more deeds are re­quired than the words of promise in this stage. Hence the plethora of more than three hundred diagrams to drive home the point. All these charts have been culled from the variety of books on the subject and the seen games for which the author is deeply grateful. It is impossible to thank all of them for they include from the mediocres to the masters and from the bizzare to the brilliant. It is earnestly hoped that these books will contribute their mite in seeing the blossoming of a few more Vishwanathan Anand.

Lastly the author expresses his deep gratitude to Mr. S. K. Chaturvedi and S. C. Chaturvedi whose deep knowledge in the game came very handy to him. And the author has no words to express all that he feels about Mr. Anand Sagar Chowdhry of 'Goodwill Publications' who has not only been the 'all-problem solver' but the very soul of this present series. May the tribe increase!