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Nearly Impossible Brain Bafflers
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Nearly Impossible Brain Bafflers

Code: G-147

EAN: 9788172451479

Pages: 96

Size: 8.5" x 5.5"

Binding: Paperback

Weight: 120 grams

Author: Tim Sole, Rod Marshall

Price:   60.00


Reprint edition published in August 2018.

If you answer all 166 of these-tricky number, word , chess, logic, and spatial puzzles, you must be! Here are some samples:

1. Find the next term in this series: 1248 1632 6412 8256

2. Discover the word , expression, or name depicted by therse letters: TRN.

3. If 89 players enter a single elimination tennis tournament, how many matches would it take to deside the winner, excluding byes?

4. "Bookkeeper" has three consecutive double letters. What common two-word phrase, if you remove the space, also has three consecutive double letters?

Along the way you'll try to decipher a Top Forty song chart, decide whether you'd rather a tiger chase you or a zebra, and give three boy's names that are anagrams of one another.

Fortunately, the answer are provided - but don't look unless you must!