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Code: G-296

EAN: 9788172452964

Pages: 96

Size: 8.5" x 5.5"

Binding: Paperback

Weight: 140 grams

Author: Raymond Blum

Price:   60.00


Reprint edition published in April 2019.


This book is filled with exciting and interesting mathemagic tricks that will appeal to children of all abilities, ages eight and up. Mathemagic combines magic and numbers in a way that will help spark children's interest in mathematics. All these number tricks have been classroom tested. Children love them and will enjoy performing them for family, friends, and their entire math class.


Number magic is easy for children to learn and perform because the tricks work practically by themselves. You don't need to know sleight-of-hand or have any special skills or expensive magic equipment. You can easily find most of the supplies around the house or purchase them at minimal cost.

The tricks have clear, uncomplicated, step-by­step instructions, so they are simple for children to read and understand. There is a glossary for looking up unfamiliar words. The book is orga­nized so children can open it up, pick out a trick, and learn it on their own.     .

Number magic adds variety and excitement to any math class and helps make learning fun. Math teachers at any level can use this book to supple­ment their math program to create interest and stimulate learning. When learning is fun and exciting, children become intrigued and are moti­vated to learn more. This book helps provide that motivation.