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Dictionary of Geography
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Dictionary of Geography

Code: G-543

EAN: 9788172455439

Pages: 544

Size: 8.5" x 5.5"

Binding: Paperback

Weight: 580 grams

Author: Christopher Harris

Price:   325.00


Reprint edition published in September 2018.

Goodwill’s Dictionary of Geography has been prepared by referring to various authentic sources including standard textbooks, reputed magazines and journals on the subject from India and abroad, as well as by interacting with professionals and experts in the field. 


It boasts of a broad range of terms on various aspects of geography like physical geography which focuses on geography as an earth science and which aims to understand the physical problems and the issues of lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, pedosphere, and biosphere; the features and phenomena of the earth; geomatics, which  involves the use of traditional spatial techniques used in cartography and topography; biogeography, climatology, meteorology, coastal geography, environmental management, geodesy, geomorphology, hydrology,  hydrography, landscape ecology, oceanography, pedology, palaeogeography, natural habitats, eco-systems,  as well as Geographic Information Systems (GIS).  


Each term has been explained in simple language and lucid manner for easy understanding by the readers. Standard definitions of technical terms have been provided. Important abbreviations, acronyms and phrases have also been included for the benefit of the readers. Entries on latest terminology in the field of geography have been provided. An additional feature of this dictionary is the inclusion of a large number of illustrations for better and complete understanding of the related term.


The dictionary will prove extremely useful to the students and teachers of geography. It will also help geoscientists, researchers in the field and those concerned with the applications of the laws and systems of geography. The professionals in the area of geography, like cartographers, will find it highly beneficial. It will serve as an ideal reference source for schools, colleges and other educational institutes. Since the terms included are used internationally, the dictionary will benefit readers all over the world. To the common readers who wish to know about various elements of geography it will provide for a richly rewarding reading.