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Chess for Children
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Chess for Children

Code: G-156

EAN: 9788172451561

Pages: 128

Size: 9.5" x 7.5"

Binding: Paperback

Weight: 280 grams

Author: Tes Noringham, Al Lawrence & Bob Wade

Price:   125.00


 Reprint edition published in January 2019. 



 You're never too young to learn how to play chess! With the revolutionary "Lincolnshire technique," children of all ages can begin to master "the game of kings" by simply practicing playing with pawns.


You'll learn step by step how each piece moves, how to use such tactics as Forks, Pins and Skewers to capture enemy pieces, how to read the opponent's strategy to determine whether to attack, defend, or counter with a new plan, how to checkmate and be constantly aware of all the checkmating positions.


Many of the games here are specially designed to teach the action of each chessman. In chess the winner is nearly always the player who has the most active pieces and who uses them all as a team. You need constant practice and good opponents to make you a really good player. So get out the chessboard and pieces, and set up the positions as you find them in this, your first training.