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7 Steps to Super Selling
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7 Steps to Super Selling

Code: G-463

EAN: 9788172454630

Pages: 152

Size: 8.5" x 5.5"

Binding: Paperback

Weight: 200 grams

Author: Prem P. Bhalla

Price:   125.00


Reprint edition published in September 2018.


Selling is no longer what it used to be for the primitive man. It is not that the village marketplace has been dispensed with. It continues with greater vigour and new products and services. It has only grown larger. Even in the larger cities, we see the village marketplace in the form of flea markets. The retail store too continues to serve humanity. However, taking advantage of economies of scale and price, we see retail chains dominating the scene all over the world.

Selling is no longer moving goods or services from the producer to the consumer. With time, procedures have been streamlined, organisations have been strengthened. There is no scope for any lapses because that CQ' Id affect a large number of people. Marketing has become a much specialised field where great attention is given to customer preferences, likes and dislikes. The market environment too is equally a matter of concern, and efforts are consistently made to make them conducive for sale of particular products and services.

With wide-scale computerisation and use of email and the Internet, selling has become hi-tech with access to stores available 24 hours every day of the 'year. 'One can reliably shop around the world sitting in the comfort of one's home. It is not that one can purchase only common everyday needs, but one can equally well purchase rail and air tickets, hire cabs and book hotel rooms anywhere in the world, and buy almost anything from a book to a car.


7 Steps to Super Selling takes you step by step into the intricacies of selling yourself and the products and services that you may offer. The book will help you analyse and understand human needs and how to fulfill them. It also guides you how to prepare yourself and develop the skills and abilities that lead to becoming a super salesperson. Selling skills' make a person more persuasive leading one to success within the home, at the marketplace and in the society. You can find new happiness wherever you go.