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7 Steps to Effective Communication
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7 Steps to Effective Communication

Code: G-456

EAN: 9788172454562

Pages: 160

Size: 8.5" x 5.5"

Binding: Paperback

Weight: 200 grams

Author: Prem P. Bhalla

Price:   125.00


Reprint edition published in September 2018.


An interpersonal relationship is built upon an individual's ability to communicate effectively with another individual. Using the faculty of speech, mankind has evolved almost 5,000 languages and dialects as a medium to communicate with each other. Written form of languages emerged from the need to record oral communication. However, communication is not restricted to spoken or written words. Body language communicates much more than one would imagine.


Communication amongst people fails because individuals are pre-occupied with personal problems and thoughts. Because of these pre-occupations people fail to be receptive to what they hear or read. Most people fail to interpret the body language correctly.


Everybody does not look at the same thing in the same ay. There are vast variations because of individual background and opinion. This further aggravates the problem of effective communication.


The solution lies in a person's ability to perceive spoken, written and body languages correctly. This is possible only when a person breaks the self-created barrier of pre-occupation, and concentrates on what one ears, reads or observes. Only the person who listens correctly can respond effectively. Only the person who reads and understands correctly can write effectively. Only the person who observes body signals and interprets them correctly can maintain self-restraint.


This book aims at taking you step by step into the intricacies of listening, speaking, writing and observing body language. It helps you to carry out self-assessment of your strengths and weaknesses in life, and in using the information for enhancing your strengths and overcoming your limitations. Through determination and perseverance, you can develop skills and abilities to communicate effectively.