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7 Steps to Becoming A Leader
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7 Steps to Becoming A Leader

Code: G-459

EAN: 9788172454593

Pages: 160

Size: 7" x 4.75"

Binding: Paperback

Weight: 200 grams

Author: Prem P. Bhalla

Price:   125.00


Reprint edition published in September 2018.


Within each individual there is a leader waiting to be developed. Yet there has always been a great shortage of good leaders in every sphere of life. People blame their luck for not being able to become a leader. They do not realise that nobody is born a leader. To emerge as an acknowledged leader in one's field one needs to acquire skills and abilities that together contribute to make one a leader.

Good leadership skills can add a new dimension to the life of every person, irrespective of the kind of work one is involved with in everyday life. Within the home, one needs skills and abilities to lead the family towards positive values that make every individual a worthy citizen, who is an asset to the community and the nation. At the workplace here is much to achieve at all levels of activities. Good leadership ensures a happier workforce, besides promoting greater productivity and profitability. In the society good leadership ensures happiness for everyone. The civic services are good, there is discipline on the road, and people move about with greater confidence.

Everyone aspires to be a leader, but few know how it can be achieved. For most people it is a lifetime of hit-and -miss experiences that gradually add up to help a person to receive some recognition. Most people are content as they are. However, the person who wants to get ahead in life strives to acquire the skills and abilities that make one a leader. Life is dynamic. It is forever changing. Each day, every hour and every minute, our life is undergoing a change. Which way we take it is our choice.

7 Steps to Becoming a Leader takes you step by step into the intricacies of becoming a leader. The book will help you understand the essentials of leadership. The skills and abilities that are discussed can help a person become a leader in whatever sphere one is working today. It will also guide you to understand yourself and the people around you better. You can add new dimensions to your life by becoming a leader.