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4500 Baby Names
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4500 Baby Names

Code: G-85

EAN: 9788172450830

Pages: 152

Size: 7" x 4.75"

Binding: Paperback

Weight: 140 grams

Author: Shashi Jain

Price:   35.00


Reprint edition published in April 2019.

Name is the first identity of a person. Without a name one is nobody. Even pet animals do have names and they respond to it. It is an expression of distinction, love and importance for everyone. The name evokes certain quality and uniqueness. No tribe, civilization and culture can be found on the earth without a name of the individuals. There can be several ways to name a baby. It can be a combination of parental name. It can be a named after a God, Goddess or deity. A name can be derived from the epics and religious source. A name can be after an idol or ideal, be it a historical figure, king, leader, religious or cult-figure, a musician, poet, writer or a film star. A name can be based upon alphabetical preference and sometimes on astrological calculations. A name can be given on the basis of phonetic rhythm or just for the beauty ofletters or word. Sometimes names are given after the planet, star, river, mountain, state, city, village and other geographical expressions. Aname may also reflect a flower,park, tree, preciousstone, metal and other natural phenomenon. It is also common to find the name representing the occupation and profession. The name can be symbiotic of the dynasty, lineage or special characteristics of a family like secraments, caste, education, wealth, etc. One can also come across the names having strange meanings and unexpected sources.