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27 Tips for a Super Power Memory
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27 Tips for a Super Power Memory

Code: G-107

EAN: 9788172451073

Pages: 104

Size: 8.5" x 5.5"

Binding: Paperback

Weight: 180 grams

Author: Sam Phillips

Price:   50.00


Reprint edition published in September 2018.

27 Tips for A Super Power Memory by Sam Phillips is a book with useful tips to supercharge your memory. This book aims to help people who have been constantly nagged about their poor memory when it comes to daily chores or examinations.

The book says that many of us have been reprimanded during our childhood for forgetting the smallest of things within minutes. Mothers have had a harrowing time getting their kids to remember what to get from the market or to remember to clean up their room. As one grows up it is one's spouse whose turn it is to nag and remind one to do things over and over again. After so many admonishments it starts to worry the individual, who may think he or she is moving towards amnesia. This book tells its readers that forgetting the items on the shopping list or forgetting your best friend's birthday isn't a huge problem and that it is common to many people around the world. There is no reason to be ashamed of forgetting things. There are many others who forget the names of acquaintances and have to ask them for it again in embarrassment.

The book provides several useful tips for people who tend to forget everyday things and have to suffer due to that. Tiny problems like forgetting where you had kept the keys can be easily solved with these easy-to-implement tips. 27 Tips for A Super Power Memory is available in paperback.