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200 Everyday Letters for all Occasions
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200 Everyday Letters for all Occasions

Code: G-124

EAN: 9788172451240

Pages: 264

Size: 8.5" x 5.5"

Binding: Paperback

Weight: 300 grams

Author: James Harvey

Price:   140.00


               Reprint edition published in September 2018.          


All of us have to write letters at some time or the other. You may need to add a covering letter with a job application; or have to request the Principal of your college for fee concession; or want to ask your bank manager for an overdraft; or wish to congratulate a friend on his success in an election; or have to convey your sweet thoughts to your beloved; or you may run a retail business and need to order supplies from a wholesaler; or you may wish to write to potential customers to try and persuade them to buy your goods or services-in short, in every field of life, the importance of letter writing cannot be ignored.

A letter, like other forms of writing, reflects your personality.

Your personality and your business, office, or organisation will be judged, among other things, by the letters you write. And this book provides a basic grounding in letter-writing to help you produce effective, well -presented letters. The book begins by outlining points you should keep in mind while writing letters, the main layout styles and the standard parts of a typical letter. This is followed by sample letters for various occasions.


The two hundred letters given as examples in the book are grouped into three broad subject areas, viz. Business, Official and personal. Each section has a number of letters to deal with various situations in life. Still, you are unlikely to find exactly the letter you need for your purpose in every case, but the examples will provide guidance as to the correct tone and style to adopt, and a framework on which to base a letter. Even in those cases where you find the letter of your choice, you need not imitate the letter to the .word. Indeed, your letters should be an expression of you, so you will want make some changes in order to inject some of your own personality into them. The letters given here as examples are, of course, all imaginary, as are the names and addresses used. While letters of almost all sorts have been included, I have ignored the letters of strictly 'legal' nature which may need to be cited in litigation. Here the exact wording is important, and if you have such a letter to write you would be well advised to seek professional advice.