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10000 Baby Names
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10000 Baby Names

Code: G-116

EAN: 9788172451165

Pages: 280

Size: 8.5" x 5.5"

Binding: Paperback

Weight: 340 grams

Author: Shashi Jain

Price:   140.00


Reprint edition published in April 2019.


Children are probably the greatest assets for their parents and hence, the parents aim to provide them with the best of the bests available within their means. They feel proud when their children do well in life and lead a successful life.

Parents make extra efforts to celebrate the birth of their child. Everyone, including friends, grandparents and other relatives, starts thinking of a name for the child. Everyone wants to give a special, unique and meaningful name to the newborn. Each person has his or her own suggestions and it becomes very confusing and difficult to agree on a name that is acceptable to one and all in the family. It becomes a difficult situation for the parents, as they want to give their baby a unique and exceptional name, a name that makes the baby special amongst all.

The parents get confused because they are able to recollect only a few names as the human brain has its own limitations. The entire process gets complicated as they are not able to recall the meanings of all those names.

Where can you, then, find an exceptional name for your newborn? The answer is the book in your hands - GOODWILL'S 10,000 BABY NAMES - authored by Shashi Jain, an exceptional book that contains ten thousand unique baby names. You are sure to find the most, suitable, appropriate, special and unique name for your baby in this book. Names for boys and girls are given separately, making it easier for you to choose the right name for your little bundle of joy.